Devine Cross Country preparing for Gonzales Relay

Junior Lorena Chavera is the Runner of the Week.

Devine Cross Country is still running strong and highly anticipating their first meet of the season on Saturday, August 19 at Gonzales. The athletes spent the week running a lot of mileage with a few tempo work outs mixed in for good measure. The boys and girls teams are looking strong and ahead of where they were last year at this time.
Head Coach Khera Vay explains why she believes this year’s runners are ahead of schedule. “We selected the phrase ‘Live the Challenge’ to represent our season. This slogan represents the grueling sport that Cross Country is. The athletes start running before the sun comes up each day and typically run after it starts to set in the evenings. Asking this alone is enough, but we are asking them to run fast, attach hills, close the gaps, train hard, be team strong, adventure often, hustle always, dream big, and compete daily.”
“Not only are we challenging the athletes in the sort of cross country, but to apply the phrase to their everyday lives such as in the classroom or on other playing fields,” continued Vay. “More importantly, we are asking them to ‘Live the Challenge’ as son and daughters, friends and siblings, teammates, and Warhorse an Arabian supporters. The kids have bought in and after each practice when they shout Live the Challenge I know that they have accepted the challenge of the day’s workouts and will continue to accept the challenges of the day. The stronger the person, the strong the runner.”
This Saturday the athletes will compete in a relay style meet. Teams consist of three individuals each running 2 miles for a total of 6 miles. Although this type of meet is different from a regular cross country meet, it provides a great way to kick off the season and to build more team unity in doing so.
Runner of the Week
Lorena Chavera has been battling a toe injury since before two-a-days started. Her biggest concern when it happened was about her summer running program. When two-a-days started August 1st, Lorena did not miss a beat as she ran through the pain every workout without complaint. “Lorena also has an amazing contagious smile that she brings to practice each day with a great attitude,” stated Vay. “Arabian Cross Country is happy she is a part of the team!”
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer