Devine Acres introduces new amphitheater; two separate events each Saturday Oct. 10, 17, and 24

Many hours have been spent praying and contemplating the best plan for the Fall season in a time of so much uncertainty. However, in all of our planning, the one thing we knew for certain is that the brand-new Amphitheater, with its wide-open spaces and grassy hillside, would play a BIG role in the grand plan! So, we gave this space a name, planted trees around its banks, and have basically “babied” it every single day since! We are so proud and grateful to introduce to you-THE ROSEBUD THEATER-where melodies and make-believe create magic and memories!
We cannot wait to swing those gates open and welcome you back with Friday, Saturday and Sunday opportunities to visit us, beginning Friday, October 9th with the farm gates open from 9:30-2:30! We think you will FALL in love with the new FALL season! Saturday, Oct 10th is the debut of our brand new Amphitheater- The Rosebud Theater and there will be two shows this day!
Two Special Shows & Events on Saturdays Oct 10th, 17th, and 24th
There are two events that will be held on each Saturday, so we can limit attendance due to covid. Each event requires separate reservation.

Saturday morning fall fun events from 9:30-2:30 pm will include a performance by world-renowned trick rider Kevin Fitzpatrick and his horse at 11.
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MORNING EVENT: There is a morning event at Devine Acres from 9:30-2:30 with lots of Fall fun and world renowned trick rider Kevin Fitzpatrick and his horse performing roping tricks at 11. Your family can also enjoy catch-and-release fishing, pumpkin painting, fall photo ops, barnyard fun, plus some great food and snacks while you’re here until 2:30 pm.
EVENING EVENT: There is a separate evening event from 3:00-8:00pm with a great children’s show. Spread a blanket at the new Rosebud amphitheater for a great performance and a children’s show Two Pigs and T.H.E. Wolf by the traveling troupe of Storybook Theatre of Texas.
About the evening show….. It’s about making good choices in difficult situations — family friendly entertainment.
Suzie Pig-a-Dig is about to find out that life on her own is not all fun and games. And, if T.H.E. Wolf’s plan works out, with the help of the audience, of course, Suzie, Bobby and Gracie’s houses will be blown down and pork will be on the menu! But wait … Gracie has a plan of her own. Hmmm, is everything all it seems to be?
Your family can also enjoy catch-and-release fishing, pumpkin painting, fall photo ops, barnyard fun, plus some great food and snacks while you’re here!
We are taking on-line reservations for tickets as we are limiting our attendance due to covid. The regular price is $15. However, a discount for Medina County residents evening show is available for the October 10th EVENING Event (see ad).
A word from the Capps family….
This year has thrown us all for a loop, but we hope that your family is healthy, happy and ready to head to the country for a fall season that will be different, yet the same… We wanted to update you on what’s been happening on the farm, and let you in on a few changes we are making to ensure your family’s safety while keeping it full of fun, as usual!
Who knew? When we sold the last Christmas tree in December of 2019 and closed the gate, we had no clue that we would not be able to swing that gate open again until almost 10 months later… The big project for January was to dig out an old pond at the back of the farm and use all of the dirt that was removed to construct a beautiful AMPHITHEATER! And that we did! Thank goodness!
Plans, what plans? Our plan at the time was to launch the new amphitheater in the spring of 2020, but unbeknownst to all of mankind, we were faced with a pandemic and just like that, the spring field trips, and all weekend events were cancelled! Even our very own Country Bunny stayed in his burrow instead of hiding eggs and taking pictures with your kiddos.
Get out and support this very unique small business we have in our community.
Submitted by Debi Capps
Devine Acres

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