Devine 4H Consumer Decision Making Results

Devine 4H competed in the SALE (San Antonio Livestock Exposition) Consumer Decision Making contest this past Saturday, February 17, 2024. The competitions were held at the SALE Headquarters and are part of the numerous competitions that students can take part in during the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Consumer Decision Making is an event that teaches students how to compare prices, test for quality and make purchases based on facts and research. Overall, the goal is to help them at a young age improve money management skills, smart purchasing skills, and decision-making skills.
Teams are made up of 3–4 students. Junior teams have members who are in 3rd — 5th grades, and Intermediate teams are for 6th through 8th-grade students. Devine 4H had 2 Junior teams and 2 Intermediate teams this year.
The Junior Division had 20 teams in it for SALE this year.
The Devine Junior B team had two new members this year, and although the team did not score in the Top 10, they did an excellent job and learned much this year. Those members are Mila Esquibel, Uriah Gonzales, and Richard LaFond.
The Devine Junior A team placed 10th this year with 706 points. Team members are Kelvey Cortez, Lacey Steubing and Ashlynn Stricker.
Both Intermediate teams placed in the Top 10 at SALE this year! The students complete the same test that the Juniors do, but also have to do a speaking part for one of the classes judged to explain their reasons for ranking the items the way they did. This score is combined with the test score to give the final score. There were 32 teams in the SALE competition for 2024.
The Devine Intermediate A team placed 6th with 930 points. The team was made up of Madison Cross, Aaron Esquibel, Collier Paige, and Urijah Thompson. The Intermediate B team consisted of Coltyn LaFond, Cole Maxwell, and Noah Riou. They placed 9th with an overall score of 922.
The teams will compete again during the District 10 4H Spring Round Up in Fredericksburg in April.
Teams are coached by Korrey Paige and Madeline Steubing.