Daddy’s eggs

We have had the hardest time getting baby Tucker to eat baby food. He loves bottles, but turns up his nose and spits most foods right back at you. We finally have found one thing he loves though—eggs….actually egg yolks. But only when daddy cooks them just the right way, so the yolk is nice and runny. I discovered very quickly that he is absolutely not impressed with my overcooked eggs.
It’s funny because big sissy is famous for the same thing—she eats the egg yolk right out of the middle with a spoon and hardly ever touches the rest.
When mommy cooks breakfast though, my eggs don’t come out so nice and fluffy with a perfectly runny, sunny yolk in the middle. Mine are over medium or over hard at best.
A’Dell at the age of 8 did learn to tolerate my eggs when daddy had to work a few weekends. “They aren’t gross,” she said with a smile. “They are just different.”
But she’ll always love daddy’s eggs best. He carefully and patiently spoons hot oil over the eggs until they are cooked to make the perfect Delly Doodle egg, and now Tucker’s eggs too.
Anyway, long story short, he eats daddy’s eggs and just throws mine! At 10 months old, he can get away with that.
I dream that someday, someday both of my children will learn to love my cooking too, even if it is “different”!