Daddy’s apple pie

I’m not sure what she was getting ready to ask for, but I overheard seven-year-old A’Dell ask her daddy,
“Daddy, you know how you always say I’m your apple pie?”
At that, he let out a little laugh and told her she’s actually the “Apple of his eye,” but she could be “his little Apple Pie too,” if she wants.
It’s one of those things you hate to correct because it’s so darn cute! Speaking of cute, A’Dell agreed to make daddy’s lunch pack last night, and he sure got an extra special sandwich. She was also supposed to be making a turkey, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich for herself. As her daddy walked by to check out her progress, his eyes got real big and he explained to her that she had squirted “way too much mayonnaise” on the first piece of bread and she should rub them together to spread it out.
She took care of that problem quick like, and we all stopped and stared as she lifted that piece of bread up to her little lips and took a big ol lick out of that mayonnaise. Of course, she promised it was on her sandwich, not daddy’s.
After some ooohs and awws about the sandwiches, she stuck them in the fridge, and I wondered if daddy would actually be brave enough to eat that sandwich today.
He must have, because about 11 o’clock I got a phone call from him asking me to “Thank A’Dell for the mayonnaise sandwich.” He took a big bite of it before realizing she apparently completely forgot to add the turkey and cheese! Good thing there was plenty of mayonnaise!
He didn’t sound too upset though, despite the fact that he probably wouldn’t have time to get another lunch. After all, I guess it’s hard for daddy to get too mad at his little Apple Pie!