Current Events Club presented programs on environmental impact and relieving stress

Ana Hundley presented the program “Microplastics, Microbeads, and Microfibers” in October.

Our club is so fortunate to have Barbara Moore as our programs chairman. The future ones planned and our last two were enjoyed by all who attended. Barbara’s daughter Ana Hundley, who has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science presented the program, “Microplastics, Microbeads, and Microfibers”. The meeting was in the home of Cathy Mechler on October 13th. Ana’s program impressed upon us once plastics are deposited in our environment they remain indefinitely, and not enough research has been done to establish on how they affect mankind. We are aware of the issues plastics create in our oceans and landfills. We often are not aware of their presence in a multitude of items we use daily for example cosmetics and our food. We are grateful for the knowledge Ana shared with us and came away with the awareness of how important it is that we all should be stewards of our environment.
After Ana’s program, we conducted our business meeting. Thank you cards were read from Devine High School seniors thanking us for the gift cards for Dairy Queen in lieu of our Annual Ice Cream Social due to Covid-19. We received so many cards which showed us what a great bunch of kids we have. Another item covered that we are collecting suitcases and backpacks for HANK. In addition, a donation of $500.00 needs to be sent to HANK. We also welcomed our new member Julie Mihalko.
The November 10th meeting was held in the home of Dinah Argo. The program was presented by Sister Dorothy Batto, a sister of the Incarnate Word, and Director of the Secret Garden. Secret Garden, Bandera, Texas, provides many supportive programs. Our program was on how to deal with stress. We are living in an age of stress like never before due to the pandemic, elections, health, holidays and just our daily life. Dorothy gave us a handout titled, “Life Skills for Relieving Stress”. She shared 10 skills to help cope with stress. Number one which all of us can do is breathe from the belly. You feel a sense of relaxation as soon as you begin to breathe deeply. Skill number 10 is probably the most difficult, “Accept What You Cannot Change”. There was much discussion about our stress and how others cope. We are planning an outing in the spring to travel to Bandera to tour St. Stanilaus Catholic Church in Bandera,

Members of the Current Events Club donate backpacks, stuffed animals, and goodies for foster children.

Treasurer’s report confirmed check for $500.00 was sent to HANK. We are continuing to collect suitcases, backpacks and Teddy bears for HANK. Items for HANK can be dropped off at The Devine News office or any Current Events member.
The December 8th meeting will be in Alma Horvath’s home. Members will share their favorite recipes for our Christmas meeting and musical program. Gift giving will be members’ gifts for Medina County Brown Santa. We will also be supporting Medina County Family Life Center.
We welcomed our newest member, Kathy Alexander. If you are interested in learning more about our club or would like access to our Facebook page, Current Events Club of Devine, contact Linda Kreinhop, 830-665-6377.