Criminals lead out of town troopers on 2 pursuits to and through Devine, 11 found in Sunday morning bailout

The first high speed chase lasted 60+ miles before local deputies put an end to it near Ingram Rd. in Devine around 8AM.

A long DPS pursuit that reportedly began near LaPryor came into Devine Sunday morning around 8AM ending near Ingram Road. Local deputies were able to use a maneuver to bring the chase to an end after a dangerous 60+ mile pursuit up and down local highways and many city streets that morning. Later that afternoon, another pursuit crashed-out right in the middle of Devine after skidding across Hwy 173.
The first out of town pursuit (from LaPryor) came up I-35, to SH 132 and then went straight down Teel, Colonial, and Allman street near the cemetery, according to local law enforcement, who noted the chase began approximately 60 miles southwest of Devine.
The pursuit ended near the intersection of Ingram, where three subjects reportedly bailed out.

Around 6:30 Sunday evening the driver in a second pursuit busted straight through one of the concrete barriers at the library in Devine and then flew across the drainage ditch and highway. Thankfully no one else was hit as it flew across Hwy 173 in the middle of town.

“Our officer who assisted at the scene stated that 11 people including the driver were captured. Two were transported to the hospital, while others were transported to be turned over to border patrol,” Devine PD Lieutenant Chris Andrews said.
Later on Sunday afternoon, the driver of a stolen vehicle flew straight across Hwy 173 in downtown Devine as suspects evaded another out of town DPS pursuit.
“The vehicle went across the library parking lot, took out one of the concrete barriers, jumped the canal and went across Hwy 173 before hitting a backhoe at the old co-op,” said Sheriff Randy Brown. “It’s real lucky nobody got killed.”
Ernie Morales, Sr., of Devine, was thankfully sitting at a stop sign, and hadn’t yet turned in the path of the pursuit, as the chase flew across Hwy 173 right in the middle of town.
“I looked to my left and just saw this car fly by. It was going so fast…all I saw was dust. He zoomed across 173,” Morales said, thankful that he wasn’t yet on Hwy 173 when the car came crashing across it.

Note: The DPS units that initiated these pursuits were reportedly from other counties, and no additional information was available about any charges that the suspects evading arrest may face as of press time.