CR 6612 complaints

Not a lot happening in the County seat last week. Seems the County is financially healthy, the concrete work is done on the new Courthouse Annex and there has been no looting or rioting. We oughta be in the new Annex about this time next year.
Judge Schuchart presented Emilio Carrillo with a Certificate for 20 years service with Medina County in Pct 4. Emilio is qualified for retirement but, he says he aint ready yet. Goin for another 20..
We addressed the problems with CR 6612 (Fish Hatchery Rd) a couple weeks ago due to the oil bleeding through and sticking to the tires of folks driving down it. Got numerous complaints but, only one thank you. One person came by the office and wanted us to wash the oil off his vehicle…told him that I use diesel when I get oil on mine…and a lady called the Judges office in Hondo to tell on me (anonymously) because she was getting dust on her vehicle…and there’s always that ONE who cannot ever be content with any improvements.
We had several people show up to our impromptu Open House on the 11th and were able to show off our “new” yard. Most did not know that we had that much room. Even had the County Judge cross the Creek to visit….but he does that occasionally anyhow.
Pitched the idea of a Central Shop for the entire County and it met with almost total approval. Now, just gotta get two more Commissioners to think its a good idea and we can start on it. Wouldn’t save anything but, we could redirect the difference in costs to another area in each of our Budgets.
Speaking of Budget, this is gonna be an interesting year…looking forward to finding out what our tax base has grown to, addressing the tax rate and determining whether or not we need an increase in our tax revenue..
We got an election on the horizon and we need to practice showing up to the polls…its time to pick a replacement for that worthless Will Hurd. The turncoat got in office via misinformation and false narratives, got his lifetime pension and elected not to run again because he knew he could not win. We need representation with a spine..cause it seems our American way of life is going to Hell in a handbasket.
If you can mingle and stand in line at Walmart or protest in the thousands or go to the beach then you can go to the polls. Mail in ballots are another means of cheating and I would be willing to bet that the trash portion of the protesters won’t vote anyhow.
Got a little rain today (Tuesday) but could use more…