CR 5710 work continues

Gettin hot, nothin new. Heck, even Charlie West figured that out. We’ve gotten over a foot and a half of rain so far this year. Three and seven tenths ahead of last year at this time and 3.8 inches behind 2016. Pray and wait, it’ll happen.
Had a pretty little blonde headed girl call and ask me the other day how she was supposed to get around our road closures. She has lived here all her life and has not taken the back roads enough to remember how to get to her house via an alternate route. Gotta love her….blonde hair and all. Even had someone stop and tell us what all we were doing wrong.
We are going to close CR 5710 to thru traffic on occasions but this would only be between the hours of round 7:30 AM to 4 PM. Residents in the areas affected will be allowed access but, will probly suffer mud, dust and delays. Bear with us for a couple more weeks.
Once we finish this project, we will look at where we stand budget wise (Pct 4 Budget) and see if we can schedule another smaller scale paving project. We are gonna resume our regular mowing and maintenance in a couple weeks.
There is another presentation concerning the Jail Expansion and Courthouse Annex that will take place at the Castroville Chamber of Commerce meeting on June 6th at noon in Castroville. If you would like to attend this meeting, contact somebody in Castroville and see where the meeting is gonna be held.
We are getting into Budget meetings and, financially, the County is in great shape. Elected Officials and Department Heads have been conservative in their efforts, again, this year. In the cash-on-hand column, we are about $880,000 ahead of where we were last year. With the inclusion of some of our Reserve Funds in the cost of new construction, we will be able to hold down our long term debt a little more.
Playoffs are over, prom is over, only thing left is Graduation. Seniors will enter the real world and will miss their time in High School. Some will go to higher education and some will enter the workforce. Some will find out that the CEO positions at IBM and Exxon are already taken and will have to work their way up in life. They will have to put down their gameboxes and mobile phones and get a job or dye their hair purple and protest for a living.
Gotta hand it to the D’Hanis High School Baseball and Softball teams. Both are still in the playoffs. Bet there aint many folks left in town on game day.