CR 5710 repairs underway

Last week, the Black Creek Metroplex was the recipient of 2 inches of rain. Others in the surrounding bergs and communities got a little more. From right at 5 inches in the northern parts of Medina County that caused road closures to around 3 inches in downtown Devine. Don’t know how much Clark Sadler got in Big Foot but, maybe he’ll let us know in the future. Don’t remember if it was 5 or 7 months until he celebrates his 1176th month on this Earth. (You do the math, he aint got to.) Hope he makes many more.
By the time this hits the streets, we will be three days into our efforts on CR 5710. There will be delays and detours and dust and flared tempers so, bear with us. The agony and the stress of having to wait a few extra minutes or drive an extra mile will be over in bout a month.
As a result of a Federal Court ruling on a lawsuit filed by a prisoner, air conditioning in jails and correctional facilities are now a basic human right and ours at the jail are on their last leg so we approved the replacement of the A/C units there (gotta love Joe Arpiao). We also approved the purchase of a new fingerprint system to assist with the identification of crooks through prints and iris scans. Basically, entering the 21st Century.
On May 3rd, we had a good number of local attendees (bout 30) at the meeting held to inform the public about the particulars of expanding the Jail, establishing our own District Court and building a Courthouse Annex. I think the biggest and most interesting point to the group was that this was going to be done without a tax increase. Devine, Natalia and the Great Oaks HOA were well represented. Other meetings will be held around Medina County to spread the information.
Judge Schuchart, myself, Sheriff Brown, Dist. Judge Camile Dubose, DA Danny Kindred and County Court at Law Judge Vivian Torres were on hand to answer questions and explain the future needs and space requirements for their respective positions. All of their (Medina County’s) needs are tied to the lack of space and the fact that Medina County is growing at a steady pace. So far, I have not heard any negative input. If you have a question, gimme a call and I will try to answer it.
We also approved an expenditure (already budgeted) to preserve and effectively store the Commissioners Court minutes from the hand written (some of them blood stained) notes from the 1800’s to the present. We have done this in the past with the County Clerk records.
Been a good season for Devine HS in the State playoffs. The ‘Rabian Softball team won Bi-District, went to the Area Championship game and their track team won the Area track meet. The Warhorse Baseball team are Area Champs and are still playing, we had a hurdler qualify for the State meet and the Warhorse golf team will have completed their play in the State Championships when this comes out on Wednesday.
Still need rain and the Preachers can’t do it all so, chime in. Only 221 days to Christmas….and 82 days left for Willie Jo.