County finances in good shape

I think we set a record last Thursday for the shortest Commissioners Court meeting so far….12 minutes. Amazing what we can do with the County Judge rubbing shoulders with Donald and Melania in DC. Haven’t gotten any rain to speak of in the last week or so…just a few sprinkles Monday morning on the way to the yard. Sandy said it rained while we were in Arkansas a couple weeks ago but, we missed it.
Just got out of a Budget meeting (Monday morning) and the County finances (according to our Auditor and the County Judge) are in great shape. Preliminary figures indicate that we will be able to put over a million dollars in our Reserves from this Fiscal Year and may even have a Budget Surplus this coming Fiscal Year…but I’m sure we can put the surplus to good use somewhere. Got a good group of Elected Officials who are good stewards of the County tax dollars.
Won’t go into a lot of detail but, I am working on another project that will appeal to City and County residents, especially the parents of school age children. More on this later.
We approved an application for a Grant for the purchase of bullet proof vests for the Sheriff’s Department and authorized to advertise for Requests for Qualifications/Request for Proposals for Architect(s) and Construction Manager at Risk for the Jail addition and Courthouse Annex.
Calame Store Road (CR 5710) is finished and the feedback has been all positive…Next year, our big project looks to be CR 664 to FM 471 to CR 5710 (this oughta get Esther Harrell off my back)……
Somebody was watching over us on our trek through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana. Had a flat on my back tire two blocks from the nearest shop in a hunnerd miles able to change a motorcycle tire and Ranger Snyder noticed threads showing on his back tire before we went off into the mountains and took to the curves and switch backs.
Finally getting to be summer around here so…pray for rain or a hurricane or cooler weather or something..