County finances good

By the time this hits the streets, Calame Store Rd. will be finished. The residents will have put up with several weeks of dust and closed roads. Now, they will have to put up with folks seeing how fast they can travel from Calame Store to 173. Call Randy, not me.
Good part is that now they can finally wash their cars and road construction is not an excuse to play hooky from Pastor Dennis’ Sunday sermons. Once finished with this project, we will resume our regularly scheduled equipment maintenance, shredding and patching. After I figger out what is left in my Budget, we will see if there is something else we can address with the funds remaining.
Just a whole lotta vacating and replatting of lots in subdivisions this meeting, all of which involve areas in the northern and eastern sections of Medina County. We did appoint a new Chairman of the Medina County Historical Commission as long time Chairman Bob Hancock is gonna retire. Phil King was appointed to take his place and according to Mr. Hancock, will be an asset to the organization.
We had our first Budget meeting after the regular Comm. Ct. meeting last Thursday and according to our County Judge and Auditor, we are in great shape financially. Our tax base has grown immensely compared to the past years and our Elected Officials and Department Heads have been doing a good job of being conservative with their funds. With this type of activity, our reserves have grown as well. As we get deeper into the Budget, I will throw some numbers at you.
Judge Schuchart and Judge DuBose (not Bubba or Nick) went to Austin the other day and met with the individual who stamps the request for us to break away from Uvalde and Real Counties and create our own District Court and District Attorney dedicated solely to Medina County. Our request will be stamped and sent to the Legislature for approval. This could happen as early as the summer of 2019.
School’s out for the summer so if you have the opportunity to employ a kid for the summer, give em something to do besides sit at home and stare at their mobile phones. I have hired two and know of one more that really wants to work this summer. Gimme a call if you have a place for a kid that wants to work.
Got some news the other day that I knew was inevitable. Our Foreman, Jim Lawler, has announced his OFFICIAL retirement date. Gonna leave the County and start to enjoy a lotta well earned time off. Jim has been the epitome of a “right hand man.” He and the crew of Ciro Garcia, Jr. Rodriguez, Emilio Carrillo, Paul Sellers and Tim Gunn have been the reason that Pct 4 has been able to accomplish the much needed road improvements, maintenance and bad weather clean up that are a constant factor in the operations of Pct 4.
Pray for the graduating class and pray for rain….