County considering improvements

Christmas done come and gone. So has New Years Day. Now we get to start all over, ready or not 2018 is here. It will be a good one (if you try).
We set a new record for brevity this past week in Commissioners Court by finishing the 10 o’clock session in 17 minutes. Not a lot of meat on the Agenda, just a bunch of fluff.
According to our Treasurer, we are a little better off financially than we were at this time year and since its time to pay the rent on the stuff we think we own, we should be getting better.
We are setting workshop dates for considering major improvements like Jail expansion, Courthouse Annex, and establishing a District Court for Medina County. This would eliminate Uvalde and Real Counties from the 38th Judicial District and Medina County would stand alone as a District Court. The Statute allowing this change is based on population and since we have grown considerably in the past few years, we have the numbers to accommodate the change.
Another thing that I would like us to look at is creating a Central Shop to deal with the mechanical needs for all the County vehicles and equipment, not just the Precincts.
Discarded tires seem to have become a thing of the past. We still have a trailer out at the yard on Zig Zag if you have old tires to dispose of. We appreciate this effort by the citizens and just wish that the trash bags would find their way to the dumpsters instead of the side of the road.
I remember watching “blue northers” coming in when I was a kid but, don’t seem to notice them anymore. Used to catch horny toads too. Don’t see a lot of those nowdays. And where in the heck did these geckos come from? Used to be able to run for miles, now I need new knees. Used to have dark hair, now its platinum blonde. Dangit, wish He’d quit messin with my stuff!! Willie….211 days.