County Clerk’s office offers new fraud alert service

It is now possible for people to request and buy copies of records online. You can also now do searches for criminal, civil, and probate records. But more importantly, you can now set up for alerts to help reduce fraud. At you can create alerts for property alerts by name, entity, or from a public document.
“Get notified against potentially fraudulent claims or transactions regarding Real Property. Receive email alerts any time your personal or entity name is used in a Real Property filing within the county. This is a free service provided by Kofile and your County Clerk designed with the goal of reducing fraudulently-recorded documents that could affect your property ownership,” reads the website.
These alerts would be sent straight to your email or phone and allow you to keep track of when a document is filed. This is a free service provided by the County Clerk and is available to everyone.
This website also allows you to search for property, marriage, birth, death, governmental, Commissioners Court, marks and brands, foreclosures, and public notice records. Just a quick search and I was able to find several documents with my great grandfather’s name as well as current documents from other family members.
This new fraud alert is a great service to the community and should be used as needed.
By Dicy Chambers