Commissioners Comments

I’ll take the blame for no rain these past few days. With the weather guessers predicting flash floods, baseball hail, monsoons, gale force winds, tsunami’s, tornados, sharknados, ball lightning and the likes for Sunday and Monday, I prepared by mowing, trimming, raking and fertilizing the entire place and having our equipment moved under shelter at the County yard. Still waiting as of Tuesday at 10 AM. We have gotten right at 5.2 inches of rain out Black Creek way so far this year which is exactly the amount we had at this time last year.
Commissioners Court decided on a salary for the Grant Administrators position that would be capped at $45,000. This position would focus solely on our active grants and their application, documentation and reporting.
I have received several inquiries about Commissioners Court arbitrarily changing folk’s addresses that have been the same since SH 173 was a dirt road, causing the residents the headaches and expense of changing basically everything concerning mail, legal papers, etc. We (Commissioners Court) have nothing to do with changing addresses. This falls under the umbrella of the 911 Emergency District which is overseen by a Board of Directors.
I spoke with the 911 Emergency District Office and received an explanation that I would totally mess up by attempting to try to put in print. Their suggestion was to call or come by the office in Hondo. They can be reached at (830) 741-8997 and are located at 1613 Avenue K in Hondo.
Precinct 4 Constable Malcolm Watson was sworn in by Judge Schuchart prior to the 10 AM portion of the meeting and was looking forward to the position that did not involve as much travel as his previous job in Cotulla did.
After lingering in the Court system for 4 years and after moving them 4 times, we have finally gotten rid of the gambling machines confiscated by the Sheriff’s Office that had to be stored until final disposition. Don’t know zackly how many there were but they filled two 40 cubic yard dumpsters to the rim and took up most of the back 40.
See where several local businesses are experiencing the blessing of shysters, scalawags, low-lifes and scum sucking bottom feeders leaving bags of household trash at their businesses instead of properly disposing of it. Welcome to the club. Look for personal mail and, as I was told by a Sheriff’s Deputy, call the proper agency in order to file a complaint.
Baseball season is gearing up for its seemingly never ending run until October when it becomes worth watching even though Pete Rose ain’t in the Hall of Fame and should be. Only 257 more days til Christmas…..