Commissioners Comments

Only moisture we got so far out Black Creek way was a little fog, some lightweight drizzle for a few minutes and a couple birds flying over. Dang deer are getting thicker’n grackles out there too. People runnin over two or three a week.
The subdivisions going in north of Castroville got most of the attention at this week’s meeting. There is a lot of first class development going on in that area that will add to our tax base in a positive way. With that comes the negative aspects…more students for the school system, the need for more water and an increase in traffic in areas not designed for the amount of vehicles that these subdivisions will bring with them.
Gordon Hartman made a pitch for one that he is building…it will be just like those in San Antonio…15 feet apart with cheap fences between them. The more houses that they can squeeze into an area, the better. Since it is in the San Antonio ETJ, we have no control over the lot sizes.
For the first time in a long time, our “cash on hand” graph (that compares our current status with the same time last year) shows us with about $375,000 less than last year. But…we had not received reimbursement from other sources and this would put us about $700,000 over last year’s figure. We’re still doing good. Financially, Pct 4 is doing very good.
Construction on the Courthouse Annex is going well. We went out for bids on furnishings for the building and the interior is starting to take shape.
We still have an opening on the Appraisal Board. Asked one of my friends if he would like to be on it. His response…”I’d probly end up in jail.” He is too busy trying to make a living and pay his taxes to be tied to meetings that are basically ineffective to those seeking relief. I did manage to protest my Appraisal and get it lowered in 2018…only got my school taxes frozen. Now my Appraisal is up again and my total tax bill is higher as well. Sometime in the near future, my home and property will be appraised at least a million dollars…..can you say “Tea Party”?
We are still taking tires at the yard and would appreciate a call before you bring them by so we can have someone help load them in our trailer. The attendant that works the Solid Waste Disposal site has been asked to turn folks down on Saturday that want to dispose of them. Folks tend to throw them in a pile around the trailer and we have to clean up the mess.
Thursday evening marks the start of the Christmas decorating season (Murdock has a list of violators). The only exemptions are those who left theirs up all year… guilty. We will have a gathering of way over 10 people on Thanksgiving Day. I will not require masks. You do not have to practice social distancing. I’m gonna enjoy my family and the government can….
Found out the other day that there are not 7 Dwarfs that accompany Snow White. There’s 8….they left out Lippy. Heard this from a retired Ag teacher.