Colts, Fillys win three of four divisions at District track meet

The Devine Fillys’ 7th and 8th grade team as well as the 7th grade Colts’ team dominated last week’s District 29-4A Middle School Track Meet in Carrizo Springs. The 7th grade Fillys scored a whopping 250 points to beat runner Pearsall who scored 132 while the 8th grade Fillys tallied 190.25 points to outdistance themselves from Pearsall who had 113.25. The 7th grade Colts won a 155 to 141 nail-biter over Carrizo Springs while the 8th grade Colts finished second to the Wildcats by a final 143 to 161 point total.
“It was exciting to see all of our teams and athletes do so well,” stated Head Coach Lon Cozby. “We were close to a sweep of all divisions but to win three and to finish runner-up in the other is quite an accomplishment. The other track coaches and I are looking forward to working with next year’s freshmen class and are expecting to see improvements from next year’s 8th graders as well.”
The 7th grade Fillys racked up 8 first place efforts and swept all three relays. The team garnered 8 second place and 3 third place finishes.
The 8th grade Fillys earned 5 first place medals and won the 4x100m Relay as well. They captured 4 second place finishes including the remaining two relay races and racked up 6 third place finishes.
The 7th grade Colts won 3 events and the 4x100m Relay while also getting 5 second place finishes including the remaining relays and had 3 third place finishes.
The 8th grade Colts netted 3 first place spots, 3 second place, and 3 third place finishes.
7th Fillies: 100m Dash—1st-Makayla Rivera-13.95, 3rd-Taylor Olson-14.55; 200m Dash—2nd-Rylee Esquibel-29.74, 5th-Camryn Darby-31.46; 400m Dash—1st-Jazlynn Briseno-1:14.59; 800m Run—1st-Katelyn Joslin-2:45.17; 1600m Run—1st-Joslin-6:12.4, 4th-Emiley Mares-6:59.87; 2400m Run—1st-Joslin-9:31.17; 100m Hurdles—1st-Kate Featherly-18.75, 2nd-Kelsey Dishman-19.33, 3rd-Brooklyn Miller-19.43; 300m Hurdles—2nd-Dishman-57.9, 3rd-Miller-59.56, 4th-Featherly-1:00.3; Long Jump—2nd-Rivera-12’11½”, 4th-Brynlea Byrd-12’6½”, 5th-Dishman-12’3”; Shot Put—2nd-MacKayla Schnautz-28’4”, 3rd-Denise Contreras-26’6”; Discus—3rd-Schnautz-64’0”; Triple Jump—1st-Featherly-28’10½”, 2nd-Contreras-28’8¾”; High Jump—1st-Contreras-4’8”, 2nd-Esquibel-4’4”; Pole Vault-2nd-Joslin-6’6”; 4x100m Relay—1st-Contreras, Rivera, Kaylee Romano, Olson-1:11.75; 4x200m Relay—1st-Contreras, Rivera, Darby, Mckyenzie Flores-1:59.0; 4x400m Relay—1st-Briseno, Hilary Barnett, Esquibel, Flores-4:49.52.
7th Team: 1st-Devine-250, 2nd-Pearsall-132, 3rd-Hondo-91, 4th-Carrizo Springs-80, 5th-Crystal City-51.
8th Fillys: 100m Dash—3rd-Tahtiana Gilbert-14.46, 4th-Genisis De La Garza-14.49; 200m Dash—1st-Neenah Guerrero-29.33, 3rd-Nayeli Saldana-30.17, 4th-Leslie Manzanares-30.33; 400m Dash—1st-Angelina Rios-1:07.58, 3rd-Kaitlyn Morales-1:10.74; 800m Run—3rd-Allison Dugosh-2:55.52; 1600m Run—4th-Dugosh-6:41.34; 100m Hurdles—2nd-Guerrero-17.62, 4th-Bailey Oropeza-18.12; 300m Hurdles—3rd-Oropeza-55.8, 4th-Kristina Moralez-56.21; Long Jump—1st-Avery Cruz-14’7”, 2nd-Guerrero-14’7”, 4th-Moralez-13’8¼”; Shot Put—1st-Gilbert-34’0”; Discus—1st-Gilbert-71’3”; Triple Jump—3rd-Rios-29’3½”; High Jump—5th-Oropeza-4’2”, 6th-Andrea Rios-4’0”; 4x100m Relay—1st-Saldana, Guerrero, Cruz, Zoe Gonzales-54.49; 4x200m Relay—2nd-Jacquelyn Schreck, Manzanares, Cruz, Gonzales-1:58.27; 4x400m Relay—2nd-Rios, Oropeza, Gonzales, Moralez-4:34.81.
8th Team: 1st-Devine-190.25, 2nd-Pearsall-113.25, 3rd-Crystal City-105.25, 4th-Carrizo Springs-93, 5th-Hondo-76.25, 6th-Poteet-26.
7th Colts: 100m Dash—1st-Gabriel Esquibel-13.3, 6th-Seth DeLeon-13.81; 200m Dash—1st-Esquibel-26.4, 6th-Adrian Gutierrez-28.01; 400m Dash-6th-Samuel Guardiola-1:05.05; 800m Run—4th-Sebastian Espinoza-2:40.06; 5th-Zackery Serna-2:40.18; 1600m Run—3rd-Stephen Culver-6:00.74, 110m Hurdles—6th-Josiah Martinez-22.59; 300m Hurdles—2nd-Martinez-53.14; Long Jump—2nd-Esquibel-16’2½”, 4th-Elijah Sanchez-15’3”; Shot Put—2nd-Victor Schaefer-35’3½”, 4th-Adrian Beltran-32’7”, 5th-Gutierrez-32’2”; Discus—5th-Corey Dirck-81’5½”, 6th-Schaefer-81’3½”; Triple Jump—3rd-Luciano Rodriguez-30’0”, 5th-Jonathan Weinkam-29’6”, 6th-Serna-29’5”; High Jump—4th-Luke Friesenhahn-4’6”, 6th-Culver-4’2”; Pole Vault—1st-Pollex Aguero-Munoz-6’6”, 3rd-Mason Walker-6’0”; 4x100m Relay—1st-Rodriguez, Dominique Valerio Jr., Sanchez, Esquibel-51.21; 4x200m Relay—2nd-Rodriguez, Valerio Jr., Sanchez, Gutierrez-1:49.58; 4x400m Relay—2nd-Rodriguez, Valerio Jr., Guardiola, Friesenhahn-4:19.96.
7th Team: 1st-Devine-155, 2nd-Carrizo Springs-141, 3rd-Pearsall-115, 4th-Hondo-96, 5th-Crystal City-87, 6th-Poteet-22.
8th Colts: 100m Dash—3rd-Blain Davis-12.52, 4th-Marcus Rodriguez-12.71; 400m Dash—4th-Kaiveri Alvarez-59.9, 5th-Kristofer Aguirre-1:01.37; 800m Run—4th-Jathan Razo-2:09.47, 5th-Camden White-2:10.66; 110m Hurdles—2nd-Aaron Saenz-18.74; 300m Hurdles—2nd-Razo-47.26, 3rd-Saenz-47.74, 5th-Noah Fernandez-47.84; Long Jump—3rd-Rodriguez-16’7”; Shot Put—6th-Davis-36’11”; Discus—1st-Joaquin Philippi-123’5”, 2nd-Davis-119’2¾”, 4th-Aiden Zapata-104’3½”; Triple Jump—5th-Fernandez-34’5”, 6th-Saenz-34’4½; High Jump—1st-Lokey Aguero-Munoz-5’6”, 4th-Saenz-5’0”; Pole Vault—1st-Aguero-Munoz-8’6”, T4th-Caden Hanson and Razo-8’0”; 4x100m Relay—4th-Jaieden Burford, Aguero-Munoz, Rodriguez, Davis-48.21; 4x200m Relay—3rd-Martinez, Burford, Enrique Midobuche, Aguero-Munoz-1:44.7; 4x400m Relay—2nd-Aguero-Munoz, Davis, Saenz, Razo-3:57.49.
8th Team: 1st-Carrizo Springs-161, 2nd-Devine-143, 3rd-Pearsall-102, 4th-Crystal City-81, 5th-Poteet-72, 6th-Hondo-59.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer