City sets Dec. 1 deadline for accepting pool

The Devine City Council has given Fred Morales of Devine Swim Club, Inc., until December 1 to turn ownership of the pool over to the City of Devine.
The move came at the Council meeting held last Tuesday, July 17, at the behest of the Parks and Recreation Board, who voted to recommend that Council send a letter to Morales with a deadline for turning over the pool.
The minutes of the July 3 Parks Board meeting when that vote took place state, “…we would like to have some kind of procedure done by September 1, 2018.”
Council voted to accept Morales’s offer to return the pool to the City in a meeting on January 30.
Morales was at the July 17 Council meeting and was in favor of being given a deadline.
“There’s been some issues with dissolving [Devine Swim Club],” Morales said. “I’m working through them. I think a letter limiting the time would be beneficial to me to negotiate with the final people I need to negotiate with to get the resolution that I need.”
Morales requested a deadline of December 1. A Cory Thompson-David Espinosa motion to send Morales a letter with his preferred deadline of Dec. 1 passed 3-0. Steve Lopez also voted for the measure, while Jennifer Schott and David Valdez were absent.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer