Citizen of the Year awarded for Doc Neel’s heroic actions in Covid-19 pandemic

Congratulations to Castroville 2020 Citizen of the Year, Dr. Richard L. Neel, M.D., M.P.H. Dr. Neel is a true hero and pioneer, using high dose melatonin to treat Covid-19 patients across Medina County, and across the world in 2020.
The retired Air Force Colonel, who now operates Little Alsace Urgent Care, practices medicine with the same courage that he flew fighter jet missions years ago, and he has undoubtedly saved many lives because of it.
Saving lives and doing what’s best for the patient is at the forefront of his mind, even if that means delving into the world of alternative medicine when traditional medicine isn’t working.
Dr. Neel is always reading the latest studies and research and putting it into practice, and he is now an important part of medical history. To the best of our knowledge, he is the first doctor in the United States to treat Covid patients using high doses of melatonin, as there was simply no research on this topic on the worldwide web when he first contacted us about this idea in March of 2020.

From left to right are Castroville Mayor Pro Tem Darrin Schroeder, Dr. Richard L. Neel, M.D., M.P.H., and Bonnie Manning, Castroville Chamber of Commerce.

Little did we know, during the same time frame, a doctor in the Phillipines was also studying and treating patients with high doses of melatonin, though the results were not published yet. While high dose melatonin v Covid-19 is still considered experimental, it is an idea that is being studied and researched further all over the world, still today.
“It is a honor to watch you lead and fight every day to help those in need! You truly LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!!” said his team at Little Alsace Urgent Care and Uvalde Urgent Care, who added:
“Citizen of the Year but he is our MAN OF THE YEAR!” – Rosalie, MA/Front Desk Supervisor
“A TRUE HERO!” – Rosa, MA Supervisor
“Dr Neel does not seek applause or praise; he seeks to help others so that they may have peace in a time of fear and uncertainty. He gives his ALL! It is OUR honor to serve him “— Jaime Cook, RMT, MPH , Business Administrator