Chili Cook Off Oct. 20

Our call numbers are remaining high with officers handling 65 calls for service this past week. Traffic enforcement activity was on the low end with only 15 stops being made. Citations barely edged out warnings this week, final score of 8 to 7.
We had a good variety of crimes reported this past week. Twice we responded to HEB for the report of a shoplifter. On both occasions the suspects “dumped their loot” and fled empty handed before our arrival. We had a burglary of a building at Country View Apartments on McDonald St. An unknown person entered a unit being used for construction material and stole two power tools (a miter saw and a power floor scraper). We also took a report of a cell phone theft that occurred at Lytle HS and a parent reported his son’s Lytle ISD issued Chromebook was stolen from John Lott Park approx. 2 weeks ago. Lt. Dear is investigating a domestic assault that also involved the theft of a Play Station game console, this occurred on First St. The final property crime of the week was the theft of a vehicle. The owner stated he left his 2009 Chrysler 300 unlocked with the keys in the ignition at the HEB C-Store gas pumps. He went in the store and when he came back out his car was missing. From reviewing the video it appears a passenger took his vehicle. This occurred around 9 PM on Sunday.
The Lytle VFW has a Chili Cook Off planned for this Saturday (Oct. 20) at John Lott Park. With this cold front that just blew in they sure had the timing right. It was hard imagining a hot bowl of chili when it was ultra humid and 100 degrees outside.
My “illustrious” brother, Chance, will be featured on Texas Country Reporter this weekend. He lives up in North Texas now and is real “artsy.” He makes toy figures and stuff like that. We are pretty different, he loves the limelight and publicity and I shy away from it and focus on getting work done and not being seen or heard. Oh well it takes all kinds.
Lt. Dear and Ofc. D. Lopez are back from the International Police Chief’s Assoc. Conf. This year it was in Orlando, FL. They were able to get out before Hurricane Michael hit. There were over 16,000 attendees. We are working to develop leaders for the future of our department and attending conferences like this is one part of the plan. They had the honor of being able to see President Trump in person at the event (this is for my more right leaning friends). I opted to send them because I didn’t care anything about hearing the President speak (this is for my left leaning friends). Now it’s getting a little uncomfortable riding this fence so I’m going to move on. It’s important for us as an agency to stay on top of our profession and keep up with best practices because so much is changing in law enforcement. Lt. Dear and Ofc. Lopez were able to return with a lot of knowledge. Now I have heard it said that “anything anybody needed to know about being a police chief they can learn from following me around.” But since I’m the one that said it I’m not sure if it is universally accepted.