Cashion recovering at home

Emily Cashion is recovering at home.

Little 5-year-old Emily Cashion has been in the prayers of our community since the news of the terrible dog attack this past December 31 that left her in the ICU for several days. The family was happy to announce that their little superhero recovered faster than expected and was able to come home recently.
“She has been getting better and better each day,” said her dad Colby Cashion. “She had one of her friends come visit her which was really good for her to get to act like a kid again. We have a slew of follow up appointments this week and a small procedure on Friday to remove stitches and staples but she is slowly progressing.”
Emily said to tell everyone: “Thank you to everyone for all of the cards and gifts.” She said “she loves them all” and she “is feeling better.”
The Cashions added, “We wanted to say thank you to the entire community for the outpouring of love and support, it has truly lifted us up in our time of need. Emily had a huge breakthrough when she asked for our family dog to come over for a visit and spend the night. Then she decided that she was ready to have her stay forever, our dog Daisy has really helped restore her faith in dogs. It has just been one day at a time.”
By Kayleen Holder