Car burglars on duty 24/7

Here we are already zooming towards May! The weather was great for Easter weekend and I saw a lot of family gatherings, indicated by cars parked everywhere. Our officers were out and about hoping to deter anyone who might try to steal an egg or two. Now on to some fun numbers….Officers conducted 46 traffic stops last week, the result was 28 citations and 18 warnings. Service calls held in the normal range with 48.
Two property crimes were reported to us last week. A victim stopped at Whataburger about 4 AM and ran inside to get some food, she left her vehicle unlocked with her purse in plain view…..yep car burglars are on duty 24/7 and they made off with her purse. The other property crime was a theft reported by a temporary resident of the Camino Real Crisis Center. A female victim reported that a prescription bottle with pills was taken from her purse.
Sgt. Hanson made the only arrests last week, a traffic stop on FM 2790 N resulted in the driver being arrested on two outstanding warrants out of Medina Co. Sgt. Hanson transported him to the Medina Co. Jail in Hondo.
We took a report from a complainant that met somebody at the H.E.B. parking lot to complete an online purchase of a television. When our complainant got home he plugged in the TV and the screen was broken. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade but when you buy something that you have no idea where it’s been or what condition it is in from somebody you don’t know – problems can arise. I could write a book about all those good deals people get themselves into.
I spent the first two days of last week at the TX Emergency Management Conf. in downtown San Antonio. Mayor Mark Bowen and Lt. Dear attended as well. One of the city’s many roles is being prepared when disaster strikes. It was a good conference with over 3000 attendees and downtown SA was packed with people, which translates to you better slip out early if you want to find a place to eat lunch.
Ms. Campa reports that over 300 kids attended the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the John Lott Park. It was a beautiful day for it and all I hear is how wonderful it was. I’m sure she is already out scouting around for discounted plastic eggs for next year’s event.
On Good Friday, Sgt. Hanson and I assisted with escorting a very large group of pedestrians from the Coalmine Church on the south side of Main St. to St. Andrew on the north side of town. It was a depiction of Jesus’ last hours. I walked along and provided traffic control while Sgt. Hanson followed behind the crowd which I guess might have numbered 75. I was really proud of myself, I made it without passing out and I even declined a fried fish plate at the end (because my uniforms seem to be getting a bit tight).