Call me crazy

My mom found us the king of all baby bouncy toys, the bouncer of all bouncers. I can’t remember what life was like without it! The baby loves it cause he can jump till his heart’s content, and we can put it right in the center of all the action where everybody else is. We already had 2 other baby bouncer saucer toys that look so similar; it’s just amazing that this 3rd one would make such a difference.
It’s been kind of like the three little bears and Goldie Locks around here. The first bouncer was too big, the next bouncer we got was too small, and the bouncer Grandma found is juuuuuust right! Anyway, now mama bear can do a couple things without having to hold the baby the entire day.
Nevertheless, after a half hour or so Baby Tucker requires some additional entertainment. So I put on a record, and told big sister to dance and twirl around for him. She started doing some kind of hopping dance and I laughed when I saw his eyes just locked on her feet, watching and dreaming of the day he can jump that high I guess. That baby does love to jump and bounce.
They were having so much fun that I twirled around a couple times as I went from the refrigerator to the stove cooking dinner. I soon heard A’Dell laughing and saying “Mom you look like a bird!” Then she started playfully chanting “Mama’s crazy! Mama’s Crazy!” to baby Tucker, who laughed uncontrollably at that notion every time she said it. It’s begun! The kids are ganging up on me!
Oh well, she can call me crazy as many times as she wants as long as she’s entertaining the baby. It wasn’t long till she was on to the next act, and she was soon dancing and singing all over the living room and kitchen, hopping onto a kitchen chair, then stepping up on top of the bench, then back to the couch. It seemed as if every surface was a stage for her next performance. Tucker was just so entertained, bouncing like crazy and turning his head this way and that way to keep up with what sissy-bounce-a lot was doing. These kids…..and they call me crazy!