Calame opens massage clinic in downtown Devine/mobile clinic services

Cynthia Calame is excited to announce that her new business is up and running. Calame offers several different massage packages including Swedish, Deep Tissue, PreNatal, Aromatherapy and Reflexology at her clinic in downtown Devine. She also provides MOBILE massage services as well.
“Massage is something I’ve always had an interest in. I decided to make a career change about 9 months ago and I’m so happy I took the leap,” Calame said. “My favorite modality is deep tissue.”
“I always recommend getting a massage before chiropractic treatments to help relax the muscles so adjustments are easier for the chiropractor as tight muscles can fight the chiropractor during adjustments and cause the skeletal system to go back out of alignment faster,” Calame said. “Paired with chiropractic treatments, massage is very beneficial, being as a lot of our daily habits, posture, and stress can really take a toll on our muscular and skeletal systems, which work very closely together.”
She hopes to also offer cupping and lymphatic massage in the new year after completion of additional specialized training in each.
A customer, Korey Ochoa, commented, “Very happy with my recent massage. Left feeling great with stress off my neck and shoulders. No more going to San Antonio for me. I’ll be sticking here to get my massages. I recommend 100%.”
Another customer, Laura Bush, commented, “I have severe sciatica pain and knots on my right side. Cynthia helped relieve my pain and I highly recommend that you go see her. I will definitely go back. Thank you!”

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“Just what I needed! Went in with many knots and so much tension, left feeling relaxed. The pressure was just right. If you’re feeling stressed, I highly recommend her. Very professional,” commented Paula Carmona.
Calame also offers chair massages, which are perfect for businesses wanting to show thanks to their employees, at $1/minute (minimum 10 mins per person).
Her 60 and 90 minute massages are by appointment only and Reflexology massages start at $65 per hour.
Her clinic is located across from Dynamic Physical Therapy, next to Mag’s Place at 200 E College Street in downtown Devine. Gift cards are available for purchase in the clinic and online.
Text or call 210-279-5671 to schedule or visit her website at
Calame was “born and raised” in Devine, a 2009 graduate of Devine HS. She resides in Devine with her kiddos Cage, Caden and Jolene. She is the daughter of Linda and Richard Calame of Bigfoot.
By Kayleen Holder