We went out of town for a cousin’s wedding this past weekend. It was a long drive for a pregnant lady who gets terribly car sick, but we had a great time at the wedding. Little A’Dell danced her heart out with her little cousins Harper and Brooke. They all know how to boogie that’s for sure. I watched A’Dell run to and fro the dance floor, and at one point she came hustling over to our table and I laughed as she grabbed her tea, chugged a big drink, and then slammed it back on the table and took off running to the dance floor as quick as she could. I wasn’t paying that much attention to the music, but there must have been a really, really good dancing song on, cause she didn’t want to miss a beat.
I spent most of the night glued to my chair feeling like my pregnant belly was being inflated, like a balloon on the verge of popping. I told my mom, “I think the baby is definitely growing right now…like doubling in size right this instant!” Thankfully, the wedding had lots of great cake and food for me to sample while I sat there feeling like I couldn’t move for a few hours. Me and my Great Aunt Bobbie agreed that eating is one of pregnancy’s few pleasures. She was glued to her chair too cause she’s 85, so we made a good pair.
One thing’s for sure…even if you’re pregnant or 85, everyone enjoys an Êclaire wedding cake!