Buvinghausen selected to Devine School Board

The members of the Devine School Board unanimously selected Alixana Buvinghausen to fill the board seat recently vacated by Phillip Fitch.
In accordance with Section 11.060 of the Texas Education Code, when a vacancy occurs on the board, the remaining board members can either appoint someone to fill that vacancy or order a special election.
The considerable costs associated with a special election led the Board to decide that was not a fiscally responsible option. Rather than immediately appointing a new member, the board elected to post the position for application. After reviewing resumes and holding in-person interviews, Ms. Buvinghausen was selected.
Buvinghausen will serve until May 2022 when the next election is held.
“We were pleased to receive applications from a number of well-qualified individuals desiring to make a positive impact on our district. We hope to see these individuals run for the four positions up for election in 2022”.