Burn while you can, tires still being accepted

Last coupla weeks have been pretty good, rainwise, out towards the Black Creek metropolis. Between May 28th and June 5, we got a little over 3.1 inches of rain. Still about 8 inches behind last year at this time but, not complaining.
Last week, in particular, was a never ending, 4 days of full moon Friday the 13th’s. Seems everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Or broke. Or got stuck. Or blew a hose. Or the computer that drives the machinery went out. Or the doctor stuck needles in both my knees. Last Wednesday was supposed to be the completion date, then Thursday, then Monday. Now the scheduled completion date is Tuesday (yesterday). Looking forward to the ride to Ruidoso when this is finished.
Then, this morning (Monday) during Commissioners Court, got a call that one of our 18 wheelers had thrown a driveshaft. Luckily, it was unloaded. There’s parts of the engine that should be attatched but ain’t and some parts that should be there that ain’t.there. Guess this week is just an extension of last week.
We have not experienced a lot of hot, dry weather yet but you can be sure its coming. Since we are not currently under a Burn Ban, I would suggest that if you have brush to burn, burn it. No telling when the County will institute a Burn Ban. Get ready for summer cause, I think we are there already.
We are still taking tires at the yard on Zig Zag (CR 5710) but please call before you bring them so that we can be there to put them in the trailer.
After we get through with this project, we will resume our regular road maintenance operations. Shredding, trimming, patching, tree removal and equipment maintenance.
I plan on taking on the task of re-surfacing (or re-paving or ever what you wanna call it) CR 5710 from SH 173 to Calame Store next year. This will be a major undertaking and will probly need some cooperation from the residents along the road. So, guess this is the first notice to the folks living on CR 5710 that they are gonna experience some inconvenience for a month or so next year.
Basketball season is over and nobody round here cares who won cept maybe Lorenzo Morales. But, you gotta cut him some slack….he’s a Vikings fan. Minnesota? Cleveland? Think Lorenzo might be a Yankee. I haven’t cared for football that much since they fired Bum Phillips and you can’t be a fan of the game of basketball without liking the Spurs. If there was a sports Mt. Rushmore, Pete Rose would be one of the figures.