Burn ban extended

Finally cooling off but it’s still drier than Jim Steinbaugh’s sense of humor. We quit feeding the dang deer cause they started comin up on the porch and eating the potted plants. Sandy tried to run em off but, they ain’t scared of her….dumb animals. Soon as I get my garage sink connected (Onofre) I’m gonna put one in the freezer.
I’m officially tired of this coronavirus mask thing. I’ll wear them where and when required, but reluctantly. I do not require masks when entering my office and rely on people using common sense with their health. Common sense is a curse because you have to deal with people who do not possess it.
Seems no one dies of natural causes or heart attacks or cancer any more….just coronavirus. None of the major news outlets (lateral lines) publish or make known or focus on the survival rates which hover at around 99.8%….they just focus on the doom and gloom and how this is one persons fault. End of rant…
Commissioners Court extended the Burn Ban for another 90 days or until conditions warrant the County Judge to lift it.
On a positive financial note, Medina County investments have earned $431,844.39 in interest for October 2019 through September 2020. Pct 4 has been fortunate in this area as well and we are going to spend some on replacing equipment before the first of the year.
The City of Natalia and the City of Devine have both requested assistance with some street paving and since city residents pay County taxes, I don’t have issues with helping. We have a project on the list for paving out in the County first, then we’ll move into the municipalities. Natalia has already budgeted some funds for paving and I don’t know if Devine has. Either way, we will assist wherever we can.
Still bothers the s…nuff outta me when we purchase new vehicles for the Sheriff’s Department. I have no problems supplying our law enforcement with the equipment they need to do their job…just irks me that we are gonna spend over $500,000 on vehicles from a Dealer out of the County. I have spoken with Randy and our local Chevrolet Dealer and they agree. I just don’t understand why their oranges are cheaper than our local oranges when they come from the same tree.
We have only got 59 more days till Christmas and only 6 days until we continue living in a country with promise and opportunity or take a nose dive into something that our grandkids are gonna blame on our generation.Vote.