BRANDON LEE WHITE is headed for Airborne School

As related by JodiAnn Dzierzanowski, Principal of Devine Learning Academy, and edited by Kathleene Runnels
Devine Learning Academy graduate, Brandon Lee White, joined the Armed Forces and left for basic training on Monday, October 31, 2022. Brandon said that he wouldn’t have been able to complete high school without the help of the Devine Learning Academy; traditional school just wasn’t for him. Brandon stated, “I was very grateful for the opportunity the Learning Center gave me; otherwise, I never would have been able to join the Army.” He added “I was able to work around my schedule and complete my coursework at my pace.” Brandon graduated in July 2022.

According to his recruiter, Sgt. Greer, Brandon signed up as an 88N, a Transportation Management Coordinator. He enlisted for four years and will receive a $40,000 signing bonus after he completes his training and will continue on to Airborne School after basic training. Brandon is currently stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina in Delta Company, 1st Platoon “Hellhounds”.
Mrs. Castro, Brandon’s teacher, stated “It was refreshing to see a young man with always a positive attitude. Brandon always had a smile on his face and a nice thing to say. It was a pleasure to see him. It made my day.”

Brandon Lee with his recruiter.

The principal of the Learning Academy Mrs. JodiAnn Dzierzanowski said, “We are so happy to help him fulfill his dreams. That’s who we started this school for, those students who would be potential dropouts that do not function well in the traditional school setting. With all the chaos in the world these days, parents and students alike are seeking alternative educational avenues. That’s what Devine ISD provides for them.”