Bland property crimes, three arrests

Here are some “Fun Facts” from Lytle PD generated from last week. Our officers handled 42 calls for service and conducted 74 traffic stops. Of those traffic stops 49 resulted in citations and 25 were warnings. I guess if you got a citation you might not like being considered part of a “fun fact” though.
Property crimes were kind of bland, which is good. Somebody passed a fake $20 bill at the Star Food Mart and another somebody passed a fake check at True Value. An aspiring coin machine burglar tried to get into a vacuum at the Pumphouse Car Wash on Lytle-Somerset St., but it appears they haven’t yet fully developed their skills. A Pecan Grove Apt. resident reported that one of their tires was “slashed” and HEB Loss Prevention provided a case on a suspect that committed a $170 theft on April 23.
We got busy this last week with four arrests, three being over the weekend. Ofc. Lopez cited and released a fellow for a class C theft from H.E.B., the incident occurred last month. Ofc. Pena made a DWI arrest at the Whataburger Drive Thru, the suspect fell asleep while waiting for their order. That sounds like a bad reoccurring dream I have, I am about to get a delicious burger with fries and then all of the sudden I wake up. Sgt. Hanson also made a DWI arrest at the corner of Lytle-Somerset @ Bruce St. To finish out the week, Ofc. Lopez and Sgt. Hanson responded to a roadside disturbance and arrested a female for assaulting her boyfriend. So that was three guests to Sheriff Soward’s Hotel (don’t try booking your stay online because it is more of an invitation only place). Here is another fun fact “Staying in the Atascosa County Jail” is not listed on as one of the top 10 things to do in Atascosa County. Even though every time I visit there seems to be ample parking and friendly staff, I must admit I haven’t tried the food.
On Friday, the family and I headed over to Silsbee to pick up our new 2019 Dodge Charger. I took the back roads from Silsbee to Livingston where my sister in law and her family lives. It was pretty country and the weather was great. On Saturday we headed over to the Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin, it was packed. My brother in law is a Baptist preacher (Pine Forest Baptist Church in Onalaska) so we hung around to hear him preach and then headed home. You might find this information useless but I don’t use Facebook so this is my opportunity to fill everyone in on my life and show me in a more personal light. As I have said before there is more to me than the no nonsense, hard nose crime fighter that you see on a daily basis.