We had a great trip to the beach last weekend. Last time we were at the beach, my sister and I had just found out we were pregnant. Only a few months old now, I don’t think the babies were too impressed with the beach, but we had one of the best beach trips in a long time. I know it will just get better and better as the kiddos grow and get old enough to talk and play with each other.
Right now we have one 8 year old and two babies in the family. The 8 year-old A’Dell is in heaven getting to be the big girl and play with the babies. She held her baby brother’s hand all the way to the beach, keeping him happy. He didn’t cry one time. And the babies are just getting to the point where they notice each other and interact a little bit. We laid them on the floor together and got a great video of Tucker trying to grab Audrey’s hand and have it for lunch, while Audrey held on tight to her toes (I think she was making sure the little piggys didn’t run off to the market) while my sister and I stood above them with our cameras making terribly embarrassing baby talk noises in attempts to get the babies to smile. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about babies, it’s that parents and grandparents will go through some extremely embarrassing measures to get that one big smile out of baby. It must be fun to have such hearty entertainment 24/7. If babies had a body-cam on, they would probably make for some funny little videos.
Thankfully, grandma and grandpa sprung for a beachfront condo this time so we could all enjoy the beach from the comfort of the air-conditioned condo which the babies really enjoyed! It was the first time we’ve ever stayed in a beachfront condo like that, and it was really something. We woke up every morning to big beautiful glass windows and doors so close to the beach you could hear the waves roll in.
On that Saturday, I sat on the porch of our condo just a few yards from the beach holding baby Tucker on one knee and baby Audrey on my other knee. They were so adorable they even inspired my dad to get out his guitar and give us a concert, which the babies loved. I bounced and bounced and bounced and bounced the babies as they squirmed and drooled and smiled watching grandpa play guitar. They only threw up on me a few times, and I think it was the only two hour-long time period that both babies were happy at the same time and completely tear-free.
I was in heaven, with the two cutest babies on earth and my favorite musician playing my favorite songs, surrounded by loved ones, while we all watched the waves roll in on a sunny day…doesn’t get much better than that!
Well, this little piggy has to go to the market! See ya next time!