Bacon has been fixing ACs and heaters since Kindergarten

Josh Bacon and his father, Gary “Bubba” Bacon, Jr.

He may be one of the youngest local businessmen, but Josh Bacon lives and breathes AC & Heating, as he has grown up in the industry tagging along with his grandfather Gary Bacon and dad Gary “Bubba” Bacon Jr. who operated their own AC and Heating businesses for many years in this area. He is proud and excited to carry on the family tradition as a 3rd generation HVAC man, operating his own AC and Heating business called Bubba Bacon AC & Heating, serving Medina, Frio, and Atascosa Counties.
“I started going on calls with my dad when I was super little, maybe even before kindergarten, just to hand him tools and spend the day with him,” Bacon said. “One of the main things he always taught me was to always be true to your customer, and that the bigger company isn’t always better. If you’re honest with your customer then they will always go to you when they need AC service. He always said that business in a small town kind of goes like this. If you do a good honest job maybe you get referred to one person by that customer. If you do a bad job then ten people hear about it. Word of mouth in a small town is a big deal and I’ve taken that to heart with how I treat my customers on a day to day basis.”
Josh recently lost his father, Gary “Bubba” Bacon Jr., and he named his new business in memory of his dad.
“I still have my Grandpa as my mentor, and any time I get into a difficult job or situation I can always lean on him for good advice just as I leaned on my dad for advice getting into this business. My grandpa actually taught HVAC at a high school before he started his company in San Antonio so he’s a great help. I’m also in partnership with his old company in San Antonio (AirTex) so I’ve got a great supporting cast around me.”
Bacon prides himself on being available day and night, and strives to respond to AC/Heating emergencies quickly.
“It can get tough sometimes competing with some of the larger more established companies in the area especially due to the fact that I’m one of, if not the youngest, HVAC business owners in the area. You can call me during the day, or call me at 11 o’clock at night when your AC goes out, and you can bet that I’ll try my best to be there to help you out as quickly as I can.”
“I’m not so fond of sitting in an office every day doing the same thing. I really enjoy going out and meeting and talking to customers. The HVAC industry is actually pretty broad once you get into it, and every single job is different. You have freon jobs. Jobs where you replace motors and electrical equipment. Jobs where you have to fix drain, and clean drain lines. Duct and air flow jobs. So it’s always something different and, trust me, I’m still learning every single day.”