Attempted burglary of bank building in Lytle

On Friday Lytle Police Department Capt. Reyes responded to Community National Bank to investigate an attempted break in of the ATM building. An unknown actor used a power tool in an attempt to gain access to the ATM. The person was unsuccessful, but did damage to the door.
“The bank’s ATM building is a separate building catty-cornered to the bank near where the drive-thrus are located. They attempted to use a grinder with a metal cut-off wheel attached to it, which is the same kind of tool we believe was used in the attempt to break into the Pump House Car Wash recently. We are currently working with the bank to obtain video footage. It happened sometime between closing time Thursday and opening time Friday. Whoever it was must have gotten spooked because they actually left some of their tools at the scene,” said Lytle PD Lieutenant Matt Dear.
If you saw any suspicious activity at Community National Bank this past Thursday night/Friday morning, please report it by calling 830-709-0277.