Around the house

When I was still dating my husband, I lived with my Grandma DuBose. My grandpa had already passed away, so when my boyfriend came over to visit she always had a little honey-do list for him. She’d ask him to change the light bulb or fix the TV remote or whatever, and she would always sing to him while he did it— “It’s nice to have a man around the house.” Maybe if I start singing that song, he’ll smile the next time I ask him to take out the trash! My grandma sure was a character, and loved to make us laugh.
Well, this past week my parents went on a huge 8-day road trip to California, so I had to cover for her at the office and my husband’s mom Grandma Holder came to the rescue, helping babysit the kids while I’m at the office.
She comes over each morning to watch the kids as I head off to work; she’s happy to see them and they’re happy and excited to see her. The baby smiles and A’Dell jumps out of bed to unlock the door. It’s a good feeling for a mom when you can leave your kids with a grandma or family member who you realize loves them just as much as we do. We are lucky to have lots of grandparents in their lives, who love playing with the babies!
A’Dell has been having a big blast because Grandma Holder has the patience to play all kinds of board games with her, which also means she’s not begging us to play them after we get home from a long day of work! The poor child just loves those monotonous games, and my husband and I have a hard time sitting still long enough to play them.
I’m so grateful to have had Grandma Holder’s help this week. I’m not an 80-year-old silly lady like my Grandma DuBose yet, so I won’t sing it, but “It sure is nice to have a grandma around the house!”