Arabians start District with win over Lytle

Friday March 9th was the Arabians last game before district and it was a big win over McCullum with a final score of 8-5. Defense was solid as Taylor Carr came in as relief and held McCullum scoreless for 4 ½ innings. Offense got back on track as the Arabians tallied 14 hits on the night and still left 10 runners on base.
The Arabias never got rattled and they just kept chipping away at the lead. Mackenzie Schneider doubled and Taylor Carr had a RBI single in the gap that scored her from second. Kendall Arche had a base hit RBI that scored Jessie Ramirez. Julie Ortiz had a long SAC fly ball RBI to right that scored Kendall Arche from third. Megan Runyun scored from third on an error. Julie Ortiz led off the 6th with a single followed by Taylor Carr’s single, an RBI single from Jeanette Rios and Megan Runyun hit a three-run homer that put the Arabians up for good.
First district game of the year last Tuesday and the Arabian bats were hot early. Jeanette Rios, Megan Runyun, Jessie Ramirez, and Allyson Taylor all had base hits in the first inning and Kendall Arche had a RBI SAC fly to center Halle Hagdorn hit a screaming line drive to the right fielder. Then it all went quiet. Clinging to a 2-2 score the Arabians struck again in the 5th inning when Jeanette Rios scored what would become the game winning run with the help from Jessie Ramirez and Allyson Taylor who both had hard hit singles. Isabella Gutierrez gets the win backed up by good defense and some timely hitting.
The Arabians had a great game with 8 hits, 4 strike outs, and only 2 errors. Lytle had 4 errors and only 2 hits. Devine was able to strand 10 Lytle runners on base.
“Some games are pretty, some game are not this game was a Victory!!!” – Coach Mark Mangold
Up next for the Arabians is Crystal City Friday night and then Pearsall at home Tuesday March 27.
By Mark Mangold and Dicy Chambers