Arabians Slam rival
Hondo Owls with 37 kills!

Arabian #3 Rylee Esquibel recieves the ball and prepares for another attack. She led the Arabians in kills, with 19 against the Owls.

Last Wednesday night the Arabians traveled to Hondo and brought home a win, 3-0! Set points were as follows: 25-22, 25-14, and 25-20.
Total stats for this game resulted in a whopping 37 kills, 7 aces, 4 blocks, and 74 digs!
Leading in kills was #3 Rylee Esquibel-19, #7 Brooklyn Miller-9, #12 Skylar Blanton-4, #5 Bailey Oropeza-3, #6 Kaitlyn Morales-2.
Aces: #1 Kaylee Romano-2, #2 Avery Cruz-2, #9 Kelsey Dishman-2, #4 Kristina Moralez-1.
Blocks: Blanton-2, Miller-1, Oropeza-1.
Leading in digs was Cruz with 27, Moralez-14, Dishman-8, Morales-7, Esquibel-7, #10 Kate Featherly-5, Romano-3, Blanton-1, Oropeza-1.