Arabians keeping focus and limiting errors

The Arabians are adjusting well to their fluctuating schedule. With SAISD just now allowed to participate in sport, Devine’s district opponents are getting a late start. They faced Brooks Academy on October 6th and quickly put them away 25-2, 25-9, and 25-8. “The girls did a good job of keeping their focus and really limiting their errors. The girls weren’t caught off guard when the ball did come back over the net and really pushed the tempo of the game in our direction.” Coach Leigh Anne McIver
Kills: Megan Runyan 7, Rylee Esquibel 7, Bailey Oropeza 3, Aleyna Gerlach 6, Madison Pike 5. Aces: Allison Stevens 3, Runyan 7, Kristina Moralez 3, Avery Cruz 5, Pike 1. Digs: Stevens 1, Runyan 2, Esquibel 1, Moralez 3. Assists: Stevens 10, Esquibel 11, Moralez 1, Cruz 2.
October 9th, they faced Somerset for the second time in district and beat them again at 25-16, 25-10, and 25-14. “I thought the girls kept their composure tonight and focus the majority of the game. It’s hard to stay focused when balls are being hit out or an error is made before it crosses the net to our side. Tuesday against D’Hanis (9-0/18-2) will be a good test for us before we head into playoffs in a couple of weeks.” Coach McIver
Kills: Runyan 10, Esquibel 8, Oropeza 1, Darian Alvarez 1, Brianna Torres 1, Gerlach 2, Pike 4. Aces: Stevens 1, Runyan 1, Esquibel 3, Cruz 1. Blocks: Pike 3. Digs: Stevens 1, Runyan 5, Esquibel 4, Moralez 3, Oropeza 3, Lacey Shook 2, Cruz 3. Assists: Stevens 13, Esquibel 10.
The Arabians will play YWLA this Friday, Tuesday against Brooks Academy, and Friday against Fox Tech. the Arabians are 12-9 overall and 3-0 in district.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer