Arabians clinch powerlifting team championship again, earn 6 gold medals

Six Arabian powerlifters lifted their way to an individual gold medal and Devine came away with the team championship for the second time in as many weeks at Texas Strength System in San Antonio.
Gold medal winners were Nayeli Saldana, Jordan Erxleben, Cassandra Elias, Katalina Pasillas, Cece Martinez, and Kylie Rodriguez.
Silver medalists included Sabrina Lindsey, Kate Featherly, and Samantha Vera.
Bronze went to Jocelynn Zamarron, Victoria Nunez, and Trinity Spurgers. Devine dominated as a team scoring a whopping 53 points in comparison to runner-up Cornerstone Christian who tallied only 22 points. Southwest Legacy placed third with 20 points.
Arabian results (Class-Place-Lifter-Squat-Bench-Deadlift-Total)
114lb-1st-Nayeli Saldana-285-140-260-685; 114lb-2nd-Sabrina Lindsey-215-85-220-520; 123lb-1st-Jordan Erxleben-250-110-255-615; 123lb-3rd-Jocelynn Zamarron-190-105-215-510; 123lb-4th-Bailey Ornelas-190-90-220-500; 132lb-1st-Cassandra Elias-325-155-315-795; 132lb-2nd-Kate Featherly-240-140-250-630; 132lb-6th-Amya Polen-205-90-210-505; 148lb-2nd-Samantha Vera-255-130-265-650; 148lb-3rd-Victoria Nunez-245-95-245-585; 148lb-6th-Savanna Pequeno-200-80-225-505; 165lb-1st-Katalina Pasillas-285-135-275-695; 181lb-3rd Trinity Spurgers-245-120-240-605; 181lb-7th-Sananna Shuler-210-100-205-515; 181lb-8th-Kylie DuBose-155-100-165-420; 198lb-1st-Cece Martinez-335-170-330-835; 220lb-1st-Kylie Rodriguez-300-135-285-720.
Team rankings
1st Devine 53, 2nd San Antonio Cornerstone 22, 3rd San Antonio Southwest Legacy 20, 4th Comal Canyon Lake 19, 5th Comal Davenport 15, 6th Somerset 13, 7th San Antonio Southside 11, 8th San Antonio Cole 11, 9th Bandera 4, 10th San Antonio Kennedy 1.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer