Arabians battle in Seguin tournament

It was a rough tournament for the Varsity Arabians when they went 0-5 in the Seguin Tournament on September 23rd and 24th. They worked hard each play but could not get the ball work with them. This was the Varsity Arabians last tournament of the season. With just three weeks before district starts, the Arabians have time to get their pieces to click into place.
“We are still struggling on the defensive end and serve receive. At times you can see glimpses of the potential these girls have. Now we just have to have more than glimpses of these times. I know that they can do it! We enter into the next part of our season, which is going to be tough. But it’s going to make us so much better for district and playoffs,” said Coach Leigh Ann McIver.
During pool play the Arabians first faced Flour Bluff and lost 4-25 and 13-25. Kills: Myla Miles 1, Aleyna Gerlach 2, Jasmine Pompa 2. Blocks: Madison Pike 1. Digs: Allison Stevens 1, Bailey Oropeza 3, Gabby Rodriguez 1, Macey Hein 7, Gerlach 1, Janaee Wofford 3, Pike 3, Pompa 4, Destiny Moralez 3. Assists: Hein 3
Devine fought McCollum in their second game and were able to get more points on the board at 20-25 and 18-25. Kills: Oropeza 2, Gerlach 2, Pike 2, Pompa 4. Aces: Miles 2. Blocks: Hein 1, Gerlach 1, Pike 1. Digs: Stevens 14, Miles 8, Oropeza 11, Wofford 4, Pike 1. Assists: Hein 11.
Their last game of pool play, the Arabians faced Marshall High School and the loss, 11-25 and 22-25, put them in fought place in pool play and into the consolation bracket. Kills: Oropeza 4, Hein 2, Gerlach 5, Wofford 3. Aces: Stevens 1, Oropeza 1, Wofford 1. Blocks: Pompa 1. Digs: Stevens 3, Miles 3, Opopeza 7, Hein 3, Gerlach 1, Wofford 7, Pompa 2.
Saturday in the consolation bracket, the Arabians played better against Burbank but the 5A team was still able to take the lead in both sets. Devine lost 15-25 and 17-25. Kills: Oropeza 4, Hein 2, Gerlach 1, Wofford 2, Pike 2, Pompa 4. Aces: Stevens 1, Oropeza 1. Digs, Stevens 9, Miles 4, Oropeza 7, Rodriguez 2, Hein 5, Gerlach 2, Wofford 3, Pompa 2. Assists: Stevens 1, Hein 12.
It was in their final game against Southside that the Arabians finally won a set. After a 13-25 first set, the team beat Southside in a very tight 25-22 set and then nearly won the third set, 18-25. Kills: Oropeza 3, Rodriguez 1, Hein 1, Gerlach 5, Wofford 3, Pike 5, Pompa 3. Aces: Stevens 1, Oropeza 2, Hein 2. Digs: Stevens 35, Miles 6, Oropeza 19, Rodriguez 6, Hein 15, Gerlach 4, Wofford 4, Pike 3, Pompa 5. Assists: Oropeza 2, Hine 18.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer