Team Tennis wins 4th straight match against Bandera

The Warhorse and Arabian team tennis have won their fourth straight match against Bandera 14-5. This weekend they will have a double header in Uvalde against Killeen and Uvalde and then next weekend return to Uvalde to face Marshall and Del Rio.
Girls Doubles: Karma Herring/Kylee Saunders won 8-6, Danelly Rodriguez/Kate Finto won 8-1, Abbie Dominguez/Jordon Erxleben won 8-5.
Girls Singles: Karma Herring won 8-0, Cameron English lost 3-8, Kylee Saunders won 8-4, Danelly Rodriguez 8-6, Kate Finto won 6-2, Joran Erxleben won 6-2. Extra Girls Singles: Abbie Dominguez won 6-0.
Boys Doubles: Brian Schaefer/Aidan Hildebrand won 8-0, Juan Lopez/Johnathon Gelinas lost in a tie breaker 8-8 (8-10), Brent Wilcox/Noah Davila lost 3-8. Extra Boys Doubles: Damien Araujo/Juan Carlos Zamora won 6-3.
Boys Singles: Brian Schaefer won 8-0. Johnathon Gelinas won 8-5, Aidan Hillenbrand won 8-4, Corwin Flores won 8-6. Juan Flores won 8-6, Brent Wilcox won 6-5.
Mixed Doubles: Cameron English/Andrew Kohlleppel lost in a tie breaker 8-8 (6-10)