Arabian State Champion volleyball teams honored

Members of the Arabian volleyball teams that won back-to-back State titles in 1987 and 1988.

The two-time State Champion Volleyball Arabian Volleyball team was honored at this week’s homecoming game. The Arabians defeated Bellville in the State Championship in 1987 and defeated Quitman in the State Championship in 1988. Coach Gayle Sessions and Coach Terri Wells were also honored for making the Arabian program what it is today.
As announcer Toby Tomblin stated during the halftime show, “This huge accomplishment set the standards for our volleyball program and all of our athletic programs showing all Arabians and Warhorses that nothing is impossible.”
Attending the game during this special presentation were Arabians: Bridget Hoog Lancaster, Amanda Eads Ames, Connie Villanuevea Patterson, Dawn Hoog Zapata, Erin Alexander Blackman, Kelly Hellums Runyan, Kim Chant Stevens, Korey Nixon Paige, Laura Pompa-Rodriguez, LaPortia Sandal, Sandra Hass Terry, Shana McGinnis Beaty, Vanessa Lorraine, LeAnn Fowler Runnels, Lorraine Velasquez Roman, Lucy Gonzalez Pompa, Roxana Ponce Ramirez, Shannon Marsh Ramirez, and Holly Graham Watts (2-time State Tournament MVP).
The following team members were not able to attend: Andrea Barerra Escobar, Jennifer Braucle Kellner, Michelle Carberry Moore, Lacey McCormick Erxleben, Stacy Hamilton Sparagna, and Coach Sherry Carter.
The Coach and Athletic Director during that time, Terri Wells and Gayle Sessions, were also honored for their leadership which has made the Arabian program what it is today.
Sessions was hired as the Arabian Basketball Coach in 1964, and finished her coaching career in Devine in 1998. She had over 800 career wins, with 600 of those wins being during her time here in Devine.
“Thanks for your unwavering dedication, and drive to push our Arabians….It is because of you, Coach Sessions, and Coach Wells that the Arabian Athletic program is held to such high standards,” Tomblin said over the loudspeaker this Friday.
Wells was the Arabian Volleyball Coach for 26 years and assisted 1 year. During her tenure as head coach, she had 538 wins, over 20 district championships, 8 area championships, 3 regional championships, 1 state semi-final championship, and 2 state championships!
Wells will be remembered as “one of the greats” as announcer said over the loud speaker at Warhorse Stadium.