Arabian golf places 5th in Uvalde

The Devine Arabian golf team shot a season-best 416 to finish in 5th place at the Uvalde Invitational on Tuesday, March 20. The 5th place finish among a 17-team field gave a strong indication that things were looking good for the upcoming district meet that will also be held in Uvalde on April 2nd and 3rd due to a last minute 3-1 vote among district 29-4A representatives.
I am proud of the competitiveness of the Arabian players. Kayla, Preslee, Shelby, and Paige shot their best scores of the season, which is encouraging since we will be playing our district competition on this same course. With Paige, Lillie, and Allyson’s continued improvement, I like our chances to capture a district championship.
Team rankings: 1st—Laredo United (351), 2nd—Laredo Alexander (363), 3rd—Pleasanton (374), 4th—San Antonio Marshall (414), 5th—Devine (416), 6th—Laredo Martin (418), 7th—Knippa (426), 8th—Crystal City (433), 9th—South San Antonio (434), 10th—Uvalde (449), 11th—Eagle Pass (452), 12th—Laredo Nixon (460), 13th—Carrizo Springs (466), 14th—San Antonio Memorial (467), 15th—Health Careers (472), 16th—Kennedy (480), 17th—Laredo Cigarroa (484).
Individual top 5: 1st—Lacey Stevens-Pleasanton (82), 2nd—Alex Romero-Laredo United (82), 3rd—Danielle Hale (84), 4th—Catherine Flores-Laredo Alexander (84).
Arabian rankings: 14th—Kayla Busby (95), 15th—Preslee Quisenberry (96), 25th—Shelby Spivey (103), 69th—Paige Williamson (122), 128th—Lillie Weyel (128).
District 29-4A top 16 individual rankings as of March 21: 1) Kayla Busby-Devine 2) Preslee Quisenberry-Devine 3) Zoe Sandoval-Crystal City 4) Shelby Spivey-Devine 5) Destiny Tucker-Carrizo Springs 6) Bella Martinez-Carrizo Springs 7) Ivy Lopez-Crystal City 8) Araceli Rodriguez-Pearsall Tie-9) Esmerelda Martinez-Pearsall Tie-9) Trina Hernandez 11) Kayle Canales-Carrizo Springs 12) Paige Williamson-Devine 13) Alexandra Guerrero-Crystal City 14) Galayna Gonzalez-Carrizo Springs 15) Lillie Weyel-Devine 16) Allyson Long-Devine.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer