April Devine City Council reports

The following April reports were included in Council members’ packets at the Regular meeting on May 16.
In April, 8,877,000 gallons of water was pumped from the Edwards Aquifer and 5,835,000 was pumped from the Carrizo Aquifer for a total of 14,712,000 gallons of water pumped.
To date, 31,443,000 gallons of water have been pumped from the Edwards, or 96.49 acre feet of the City’s authorized 911.730 acre feet.
In April 2016, 7,681,000 gallons were pumped from the Edwards and 6,699,000 gallons were pumped from the Carrizo for a total of 14,380,000.
Public Works
A total of 176 work orders were issued in April, 175 of which were completed. The water department led the way with 106 work orders, followed by the street department with 25, seven each for City Hall and the police department, three each at the George S. Woods Community Center and in the sewer department, and one at the Driscoll Public Library.
Municipal Court
A total of 1,053 traffic and 872 non-traffic cases were pending at the beginning of April, and a total of 593 traffic and 543 non-traffic cases ended up on the docket. Eighty-two traffic and 32 non-traffic cases were disposed.
Fifty-two traffic and 37 non-traffic cases were placed on inactive status, leaving 1,051 traffic and 896 non-traffic cases pending at the end of the month.
Two juvenile transportation code cases were filed, and one active civil case remains on the docket.
Fifty-nine arrest warrants were issued, including 52 for Class C misdemeanors, four for Class A and B misdemeanors, and three for felonies. Ten capiases pro fine were issued.
Fines and court costs collected totaled $16,601.00, of which $11,365.48 was kept by the City, and $5,235.52 was remitted to the State.
Driscoll Public Library
A total of 1,144 library materials were checked out in April, and 137 people attended story time, programs, and classes. Thirteen new library accounts were opened, eight additional library cards were issued, and public access computers were used 454 times. In all, 1,578 patrons entered the library.
Patron comments to library staff included that TexSpice clients enjoy using ABCMouse on the computer, asking if the library had a study room, and asking for the Wi-Fi password. As the City has discontinued Wi-Fi in the library, that patron left.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer