Appraisal District mistake affects budget

Got another tenth of an inch of rain last week…..brings the annual measurement all the way up to two tenths! Some of you folks out there ain’t praying cause I know you gonna want it to rain so your flowers can grow and so you can mow your grass this Spring. Preacher can’t do it all…
The only big item on the Agenda had to do with the Appraisal Office. Seems an account was entered twice and it wouldn’t have had a very big effect on our Budget except that it was a 67 million dollar account. Since the mistake was discovered after we had based our Budget numbers on the numbers provided by the Appraisal Office, there was $315,000 that we had to erase from our Budget.
It only had a $50,000 effect on the Precincts and I believe that I can absorb our portion of the loss but, it put a $247,000 dent in the General Fund section. It really put a dent in the School District Budget over there to the tune of about $750,000. Am told that a portion of this can be recovered from the State by the School District but not the County.
We still have the trailer out at the yard for old tires if you wanna bring them by or you could keep them and mow around them or breed your own mosquitoes. We have not had to pick up a lot of tires off of County roads lately and we thank you. On occasions, we have still been collecting and returning residential garbage thrown out by inconsiderate residents who aren’t smart enough to remove their address labels. Constable Malcolm Watson is going to handle the next incident.
We are gonna start gathering material for CR 5710 soon and hope to be ready this Spring to start reconstruction. Lotta you folks out there are gonna be upset because you will have to take an alternate route. This comes with construction. Don’t blame the guys working on the road. And when you wave at them, please use all of your fingers, they’re just doing what needs to be done.
There is a drainage issue near CR 768 that needs to be addressed while we repave CR 5710 but, I don’t believe we can fix it with culverts. This is a bowl shaped area that just naturally holds water.
I would like to be through with this project by the end of July because my granddaughter, Bailey, wants to take a motorcycle ride to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday. My summer is planned around this trip….we been lookin forward to it for a couple years now….184 days Willie.
Eddie is all healed up and back on the streets. Still moving a little slow so watch for him while driving downtown. Told me this morning that he was still checking doors. Many thanks to our resident Good Samaritan Claude Butch Morgan for his efforts helping out during Eddie’s hospital stay and recovery.