Annual Veterans Day
Ceremony in Natalia this Friday, Nov. 11th

The following Devine area military veterans were honored to be the Grand Marshalls of the 2022 Devine Fall Cactus Festival on November 5. Thanks for your service!
(Listed by Name/Rank/Branch/Years served/War served in) they are: Steve Lopez /MSgt, Air Force, 1951-1985, Korean War, Carol Mings/A1C, Air Force, 1957-1959, Ricardo Cortez/Sgt 1st Class, Army, 1965-1991, Vietnam/Desert Storm, Bob Stanton/Gunners Mate 2, Navy, 1965-1972, Vietnam, Bill Hawkins/Sgt, Marines, 1966-1972, Vietnam, Felix Bazan/SSgt, Army, 1967-1976, Vietnam, Glen Stewart/SP4, Army, 1968-1970, Vietnam, Rosie Villarreal/Msgt, Air Force, 1971-1991, Vietnam, Jim Lawler/E4, Army, 1965-1967, Michael Shadden/SSgt, Army, 1971-1978, Sisto Morales/E4, Army, 1972-1975, Johnny Davis/E5, Air Force, 1974-1980, Robert Rodriguez/E4, Navy, 1974-1978, Liborio Garcia, Dr./E4, Navy, 1975-1978, George Redus, Jr./MSgt, Air Force, 1975-’84, 1988-2002, Desert Storm, Rebecca Garcia/E3, Navy, 1975-1977, Don DuBois/Tsgt., Air Force, 1981-2003, Gary Saathoff/Maj, Air Force, 1981-2001, Desert Storm, Roland Esquibel/E4, Army, 1983-1989, Rick Chapa/Cpl, Marines, 1984-1989, David Plemmons/TSgt, Navy/Air Force, 1989-2017, Desert Storm, Jesse Rodriguez/MSgt, Air Force, 1991-2018, Iraq/Afghanistan, David White/Sgt 1st Class, Army, 1993-2015, Iraq/Afghanistan, Cheryl Budington/Capt, Air Force, 1995-2001, Michael Ruesch/CW2, Army, 1997-2016, Bosnia/Kuwait, Rebecca Briseno/E4, Navy, 2004-2007. Thank you all for your service!

The Annual Veterans Day Ceremony will take place on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 11:00 am at the front of the Veterans Memorial Monument in Natalia, Texas.
As in years past, limited seating will be available. St Hwy 132 will be blocked off for the event.
We invite you to come to the Ceremony as it is our time to pay tribute to the men and women of our County who chose and continue to choose to protect and defend our Country.