A special hat for Nicholas

“Yesterday marks one of the scariest days ever” said mother Jacqueline Hastings, after an incident that sent her son Nicholas to the hospital, but after a long recovery he is back at home now, and local first responders jumped at the chance to brighten his day by presenting Nicholas with a brand new hat and T-shirt.
“We were at my mom’s house in Moore this Valentine’s Day when my son Nicholas stopped breathing,” Ortegon said. “Nicholas was born with a rare and severe respiratory disorder, so he has a tracheotomy, but this was the first time in 28 years that I had to dial 911.”
Moore Volunteer Fire Department members Chief JD Earls, David Croft and Justin Ross quickly responded, and as they were helping Nicholas, he was excitedly trying to steal their hats.
“Nicholas is just a happy boy and he loves hats, sunglasses, and trucks, so he kept trying to take their hats as he often does, and they told him ‘No this one is old and dirty, I’ll bring you a new one.’ They kept their promise. We were in the hospital for 10 days, and the day we brought Nicholas home, Chief JD was here with a hat and shirt from Moore Fire Department. Nicholas was so, so excited! They are just amazing, and they were so much help.”
Chief JD Earls commented afterward, “The smile on his face was priceless when he put his new cap on.”
Add to Nicholas’ hat and shade collection…
If you would like to send Nicholas a new cap or sunglasses to add to his collection…..you can do so by mailing it to 1744 CR 1670, Moore, TX 78057.
Or you can drop it off at the Moore Fire Station at 311 W. FM 462, Moore, TX 78057.
By Kayleen Holder