A Snow Day?

Tucker woke up this week and feeling that is was cold outside, he automatically assumed, “Hey mom it’s going to snow now right?” I guess at his young age, last Winter was certainly the most memorable one and he’s thinking that’s just the way it is in Winter. I explained to him that snow in Devine is a very rare event, and he was a little disappointed to say the least.
The kids and I judged the Christmas light contest this weekend. I took my daughter the first night and my son the next as we made the rounds. At one of the last homes, a real life Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus greeted us at the gate.
This should have been really exciting, except for one little thing: Tucker is terrified of Santa. I know a lot of kids cry when you set them on Santa’s lap, but I can’t even get Tucker close. As soon as he sees Santa at a party or event, his eyes grow wide and he takes off running the other direction or takes a ninja stance.
The Morris family (whose home was in the Christmas light competition) also had a table with hot cocoa and cookies set up and invited families to take a ride in Santa’s sleigh set up below a snow machine.
As we entered the yard, Tucker was very careful to keep an eye on the guy in the red suit, and not to make any eye contact with Santa. When Santa did speak to him, Tucker ducked and hid beneath the table. He loved playing in the snow machine (made of bubbles) though. And low and behold, Tucker did get his snow day after all!