A routine week

Hello from Lytle and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Lytle Police Dept. Last week was nice and calm. Officers kept busy with 50 service calls but they were mostly routine and uneventful. What type of calls is our staff responding to? Well last week the common calls were suspicious person/vehicle – 10, assist other agency (EMS, Fire, CPS, ACSO, MCSO) – 10, vehicle lockouts – 3 and vehicle accidents – 3. Don’t hesitate to report suspicious activity to your local law enforcement, that’s why we are here. People tell me “I didn’t want to bother you all” so I didn’t call on “this” or report “that.” Well please call us! I’m supporting a wife and three kids and if nobody ever calls us I could find myself unneeded and unemployed.
Our team issued a few more tickets than has been the norm lately with 53 citations being filed with our municipal court. Speeding accounted for 17 of those violations and “stop sign runners” came in second place with 11. I expect traffic stops to increase from now until after the first of the year as we increase our visibility during the holiday season. Lots of good people descend on our city to shop, eat and visit friends and family. A very small portion descends on our city to commit crimes and generally be bad citizens. We have access to Santa’s naughty list and use it to help identify those crooks.
The only reported property crime was a business owner reporting illegal dumping in his dumpster. For some reason people believe that if they can access a dumpster they can fill it up with their household trash. The only financial crime reported involved some unauthorized charges on a debit card that occurred in Florida.
One trip to the jail this week, the fellow had a domestic violence warrant out of Bexar Co. After meeting Ofc. David Lopez on the side of the road his running from the law days are over, at least for now.
The annual Christmas Hayride is this Saturday at the Lytle Community Center, it starts at 6 PM. I saw a lot of activity around town this past weekend with people putting up lights and displays in their yards. This could be the best one yet! Admission is $1 or a canned good. Most people prefer to bring a canned good; it’s usually something nobody in the house wants. It’s an opportunity to clean out the pantry and feel good about it. Canned green beans seem to be a popular item.