A really Crazy Hair Day

Man am I glad we have school uniforms in Devine. There’s ten words I never would have thought I’d say. I bitterly resented school uniforms when they first instituted it in Devine. I think I was in 8th grade then. This past Monday, the elementary school had an out of uniform day where students were allowed to dress in anything “red” for Red Ribbon Week. Doesn’t sound that hard to find a red outfit, but…..it gives a little girl the freedom to change her mind over and over and over. It normally takes my daughter 5 minutes to put on a school uniform, but it took her 30 minutes to pick the perfect red dress! Oh well. It’s funny how our perspectives change so much in 15 years though.
This Tuesday elementary kids had “crazy hair day,” and that was even more fun. We kicked some ideas around Monday night about what A’Dell wanted to do for crazy hair day. She started off first by explaining to obtuse old mom that “crazy hair day doesn’t mean just getting out of bed and not fixing your hair….you actually have to do something crazy.”
We saw a picture of a kid with a donut on her head on the internet, and thought that was funny, so my husband nonchalantly suggested we put a real ice cream cone on her head and then wrap her hair up like the top of a dipped cone. Of course, we would need to add sprinkles too, A’Dell said. (It’s worth noting, that he knew he wouldn’t be around Tuesday morning to conduct this task.)
But A’Dell fell in love with this crazy hair-do idea. So mommy and A’Dell got up extra early not knowing exactly how to do that.
When grandma arrived to give her a ride to school, she looked a little shocked. I forgot to tell her A’Dell was growing an ice cream cone out of the top of her head now. She didn’t know quite what to say, so we explained to her that it was Crazy Hair Day at school.
“Well that is crazy,” she replied.
What can we say….Crazy is as crazy does. I don’t want to be too cliché, so instead of talking about apples, I’ll just say–the sprinkles don’t fall far from the ice cream cone!