A message from the Medina County Elections office

According to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, 82% more voting rights cases have been filed this year compared to the same time during the last presidential election. Some of the cases may or may not have direct effect on Medina County.
The Supreme Court of Texas made a ruling on September 15, 2020 to add additional Green candidates to the ballot for State positions. Immediate actions have been taken to ensure these candidates appear on the 2020 general election ballot.
We have all heard the Houston news regarding Harris County Clerks attempt to mass mail out ballot by mail applications. This has no effect on Medina County. Medina County will only mail out a ballot by mail application IF requested by the voter. However, there are MANY organizations and parties sending out ballot by mail applications therefore it is not uncommon for a Medina County voter to get 4+ applications in the mail. Your county elections office DOES NOT need you to fill each one out and send them in. If the practice of mass mailing these types of applications is something you feel strongly about, I highly suggest you contact your state representatives.
A group has filed suit against Gov. Greg Abbott over his extension of early voting for the November election. In July, Abbott used emergency powers to add six days to early moving, moving the start time from Oct. 19 to Oct. 13. The plaintiffs say the move defied election law that requires early voting to start on the 17th day before the election. The plaintiffs argue Abbott needs to consult the Legislature before making such decisions and that “if ever a special session was justified, now is the time.” IF there is a ruling to reduce the Early Voting hours Medina County will have to abide by that ruling, however, we will still have all three early voting locations open and we will expand days/hours to ensure all of the Medina County voters still have adequate time to cast their ballot in a safe and secure environment. Again, this just started the litigation process. Please see the Medina County website for current election information at Medina County Texas > Additional County Offices > Elections.
House Bill 25, passed during the 85th Legislative Session (2017), repealed straight-party voting effective September 1, 2020 (Section 64.004, Texas Election Code). As a result of this change in law, straight-party voting was not included as an option on the ballot. There is a court case pending to add the straight party ticket back on the ballot. We are expecting these rulings by the end of the week. This means that Ballot by Mail for Medina County will go out slightly later than anticipated, but will still allow plenty of time for voters to cast their vote.
Testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee, FBI Director Christopher Wray said his number one concern about the 2020 election is the cloud of fear and uncertainty about it. “The steady drumbeat of misinformation and amplification of small instructions, I worry, contribute over time to a lack of confidence in American voters and citizens in the validity of their vote,” Wray said. “That would be a perception, not a reality … but I worry that people will take on a perception of futility because of all the noise and obfuscation that’s generated.” The world of social media and instant news has led to false or partially true information circulating about the election process. Don’t always believe everything you read, get the facts straight from your local election’s office or a reputable source. Coffee shop talk or gossip at the hair salon is usually just partial information; stay informed by asking the questions directly from an election official or go to the Secretary of State website (Elections@sos.texas.gov), if you need more information. False information is what puts our elections at risk.
Please don’t hesitate to contact the Medina County elections office with questions, we are here to help.
Submitted by Medina County Elections Administrator Lupe Torres

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